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    Utility Bills
    Decrease your utility bills by 15-50%! Our trained auditors will pinpoint and prioritize energy saving opportunities, and provide a scope of work. UTILITY RATES ARE ONLY GOING UP, SO CONTACT US TODAY!!
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    Whether your goals are to significantly save on your utility bills or achieve a "greener' lifestyle, we can help you obtain both. Contact us today!
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    Air Quality
    Want help with those allergies? Breath easy, because we are here!
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    Is your air conditioning or heater constantly running? Do you have certain rooms in your house that never seem to be comfortable, no matter what the thermostat is set to, have rooms in your house that smell musty or like insulation? WE CAN HELP!

Energy Auditing and Home Performance Contracting

Our energy audits identify:

  • Comfort Imbalance Sources
  • Mold/Mildew Sources
  • Inefficient Water Heaters, Refrigerators and Gas Ranges/Ovens
  • Ways to Reduce Utility Costs-15-50%
  • Safety Concerns

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Your home is probably your most important asset!  By taking advantage of our services, you are ensuring that the cost of running and maintaining your home will be lowered, putting more money back in your pocket rather than handing it to the utility companies.  If the check engine light in your car came on, would you take it to a mechanic?  Unfortunatly homes do not have such warning systems in place, but Prudent Energy Systems can help by not only diagnosing potential health/safety issues, but also prioritizing repairs based on money saving opportunities!  Contact us today!

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